Terms and Conditions

1. Definition 

1.1.  Terra-Transfers.com is a transport company whose registered office is Matije Gupca 2a, 23000 Zadar, Croatia under the registered company Terra Travel d.o.o. ID: HR-AB-23-110029251.  Klasa: UP/I-334-08-13-01-93. Contact number: +385 98 927 9861 and e-mail: terra.transfers@gmail.com. „We“ and „Transfer provider company“ means Terra-Transfers.com as do “you”, “your” and „customer“ means any individual or business who places their booking with our company.

1.2. All reservations are made online using our booking service.

1.3.  You must read and accept our Terms and Conditions before making a reservation. We highly recommend that you contact our Customer Support Service if you feel you don’t understand Terms and Conditions. Our Service is available via e mail address or telephone numbers stated in our Contact section.

1.4. The content of this website is translated into several languages, the official version being  English. Therefore in case of any discrepancy between the original and translated version, English version is to be considered as the only relevant.

1.5. All journeys can be One-way or Return.

2. Types of Transfer

2.1. Private transfer: This type of transfer is provided by sedan, minivan, minibus and bus. Passengers will be met at an arranged Pickup point by a driver holding a name board with passenger’s name on it. The driver will then drive the passenger to a desired Drop-off address or to the nearest possible location accessible by car. In this case transfer prices are per vehicle.

2.2. Custom Transfer:  This type of transfer can be ordered if the destination is not listed, if a special vehicle type must be used or there are multiple stops required. It can be ordered by telephone or email.  Custom Transfer can be subject to a different set of Terms and Conditions that will be presented to the customer after all details are agreed upon.


3. Online Booking Procedure

3.1. All reservations are carried out online, by filling all the necessary forms.

3.2. All reservations must be made at least 24 hours before the start of the transfer. As an exception, transfer can be booked within 24 hours of the start, but the customer must get our e-mail approval first. Such transfers will be considered as Custom transfers. As special rules apply to such transfers, the customer will receive them by email, along with our Confirmation and Receipt.

3.3. Any person wanting to make a reservation must be over 18 years of age and have a valid  credit / debit card.

3.4. A person entering the data is responsible for their validity. Therefore the Transfer provider company does not bear any responsibility for untrue or wrongly entered information.

3.5. A person entering the data for an entire group accepts the Terms in the name of the whole group, and is therefore responsible for the whole group.

3.6. The reservation is not completed until a credit / debit card Company accepts customer’s credit / debit card, and until a transfer of funds is successfully completed.

3.7. Transfer provider company does not have to accept a reservation. If the reservation is fully accepted, the customer will receive an e-mail confirmation. However if a reservation is not accepted and the payment is completed, the amount paid will be returned in full in the shortest possible time.

3.8. It is customer’s responsability to review the Confirmation and immediately contact our Customer Service for any errors or faults in written form, preferably by e mail.

3.9. Each Receipt will contain a Unique Reservation Code (URC). URC must be entered in order to check the reservation status, to change reservation dates or to completely cancel the reservation. It is also used as a reference for further communication between Transfer provider company and a client. Before boarding a vehicle, the customer is required to show the driver this Receipt, along with a valid document that proves customer’s identity (e.g. passport, identity card, driving licence).

 4. Luggage

4.1. Each passenger is permitted to bring a standard travel bag or suitcase as well as one piece of hand luggage the same size that is allowed in airline traffic, a total being two pieces of luggage. All luggage must be properly marked with the name and surname of a passenger.

4.2. Customer is obliged to provide accurate information about the additional baggage because the Transfer provider company is not obligated to transport any luggage that was not previously declared in a reservation if there is not enough room in the vehicle. Any excess luggage will be charged at a double rate. Transfer provider company and/or its contracted or sub-contracted drivers have the right to refuse any client having excess luggage which could result in the vehicle being unsafe whilst in motion.

4.3. The Transfer provider company is not responsible for the content of your luggage. Neither Transfer provider company nor any of its contracted or sub-contracted drivers will accept responsibility for luggage damage or loss. If accompanying the luggage on the journey, clients are themselves responsible for ensuring that their luggage is loaded and unloaded at all times.

5. Persons with Special Needs and Children

5.1. People with special needs such as disabled people with wheelchairs are obliged to specify such a need in a reservation form in order to ensure an appropriate vehicle. The price may be slightly higher in this case.

5.2. Children under 12 years of age cannot use our service unless accompanied by an adult. Children  between 12 and 18 years of age must have a certified written parent permission.

5.3. In the Private transfer, children’s seat is compulsory for the children up to 5 years of age. The child will then count as an adult passenger since the children’s seat takes up one seating place in a vehicle.

6. Booking Changes and Cancellations

6.1. Customer may change reservation details at any time. Administrative fees for these changes will be charged as follows:

  • 2 changes up to 24 hours before transfer are free
  • any subsequent changes may be charged € 10
  • changes made less than 24 hours before the transfer starts will be charged € 30

All change requests must be made in writing via email containing the URC and all other relevant data. If the transfer changes are possible, only after they are confirmed by Transfer provider company will they become valid.

6.2. If the price of the new modified transfer is larger than the amount first paid, customer will be charged for the difference, as will the difference be returned if the price of the new modified transfer is lower than the amount first paid.

6.3. Any cancellation of the transfer is subject to special rules:

  • In case of cancellation of transfer 48 or more hours before the agreed date of transfer, Transfer provider company will return the amount paid
  • In case of cancellation of transfer 47 hours 59 minutes or less before the agreed date of transfer, Transfer provider company will NOT return the amount paid at all, or will charge the client for unpaid transfer in case of agreed cash payment on arrival
  • If the transfer is cancelled within 30 days from the date agreed due to the force majeure such as death or serious illness of family members, natural disasters, etc. Transfer provider Company will return the entire amount paid. Client is then obliged to provide valid proof to support his demands.

All refunds are possible in case of need.

7. Waiting Times and NO-Show Policy

7.1.  A driver will wait for 60 minutes free of charge if a customer is arriving by airplane. In case of flight delay, his waiting time starts when the airplane lands. Customer may be charged extra after these 60 minutes of waiting time. The maximum free of charge waiting time is 10 minutes  for other pick-up points. Customer may be charged extra after that time expires.

7.2. If unable to find the driver, the customer first must contact the driver. Please contact our Call Center only in case You can not reach the driver and then act upon instructions received. The driver is free to leave the pick-up point if the customer fails to do so within 60 minutes or 10 minutes free of charge waiting time (see the difference above) thus making this transfer a “no-show”.

7.3. “No-show” is a situation where the customer fails to be at the pick-up point on the pick-up date at the pick-up time. Any “No-show” transfers are charged in full, just like  they were carried out successfuly. A “no-show” rule also applies if the customer provided a faulty pick-up address or no address at all during the online booking process. It is customer’s responsability to provide a pick-up address accessible by the vehicle selected.  

8. Safety Issues  

8.1. Passengers insurance is included in the price of the transfer.

8.2.  All vehicles  used for transfers are properly inspected and ensured in accordance with the laws of the country where transfer is provided.

8.3. A passenger won’t be allowed to enter a vehicle and will not be entitled to a refund of the amount paid if he/she is under the influence of drugs, alcohol or any other controlled substances. Also, a passenger will be removed from the vehicle, and reported to local police department if his behavior endangers the safety of a driver, other passengers or other participants in traffic.

8.5. It is strictly prohibited to smoke, consume food, beverages, alcohol or drugs in the vehicle. Water and soft drinks in bottles are exceptions to this policy. The driver or Transfer provider’s representative have to approve everything else.

9. Responsibility

9.1. Transfer provider company is required to perform responsibly and professionally all the services, in accordance with the laws of the country where services are provided.

9.2. According to his own choice and without prior notice, Transfer provider company can have their rights and obligations partially or fully transferred to a third person or persons.

9.3. Any verbal agreements between the client and Transfer provider company will be considered invalid unless they are subsequently confirmed in written form via e-mail or fax.

9.4. Transfer provider company is not responsible for any delays in the arrival or departure caused by force majeure such as poor weather conditions, floods, storms, fires etc or unforeseeable circumstances, such as traffic crowds,  therefore the Company is not required to indemnify passengers.

9.5. Transfer provider company cannot guarantee the exact travel time of the transfer. Customers who continue their travel by other means of transport should be aware that all data regarding travel times are just an estimate. Thus they should leave enough time between the end of the transfer and the departure time of another means of transport.

9.6. Customer is required to contact our call-center as soon as possible in case he/she is not able to establish contact with our driver at the agreed place in the agreed time. Keep a note of our number where you will receive further instructions.

9.7.  Customer is required to contact first the driver and then our call-center as soon as possible in case he/she is delayed for any reason. Keep a note of our number where you will receive further information.

9.8. Transfer provider company can perform the transfer using a different vehicle appropriate for the situation if the selected type of vehicle is not available for any reason.

9.9. Only the Transfer provider company can receive payment for transfers in advance by credit card  and only driver at the staring point can receive cash payment if it is stated so on voucher. No one else has the right to charge or try to change the terms of transfer in the name of Transfer provider company, except when it is clearly defined.

9.10. Transfer provider company is required to refund the amount paid in full if the transfer has not been made  in whole or in part. The client is then required to obtain and present evidence to support his claims.

9.11. All complaints must be submitted within 48 hours of the transfer. Complaints submitted after 48 hours of the transfer or complaints without grounds will be automatically disregarded. Transfer provider company is required to consider all submitted complaints and make a decision on them within 28 days of receipt.

9.12. Transfer provider company is required to return the amount in question within 28 days if a client is entitled to a refund.

9.13. All issues will be attempted to resolve by an agreement out of court.

9.14. All the disputes will be presented before a Court in Croatia.



Declaration of Security, Collection and Usage of Personal Data


  • Credit Card Payments Security

Credit card details are used only for payment of guarantee. All credit card information is submitted on the protected webpage owned and managed by the Bank. The credit card processor, where complete payment process takes place, guarantees data security. Terra travel d.o.o. and company who provide online credit card processing on behalf of the Terra travel d.o.o. will not have access to your credit card data at any time.

SSL and PKI systems, the most advanced protection methods available are used to transfer all confidential information in encrypted form. Wspay as credit card processor guarantees all data safety. The whole payment process is not available to our system at any time since it is conducted on bank’s pages.

Credit card can be charged in advance only at client’s written request. Refunds are conducted strictly through Wspay payment methods, in such a way that the Wspay will refund customer’s account only upon Company’s request.


  • Collection and Protection of Personal Data

Our priority is your privacy. We are committed to protecting your personal information at all times and in all situations. Unless your prior consent is given, Your name and address information is used solely to process bookings. This data is available only to authorised officers of the Transfer provider company.  This information will never be given, rented, sold or traded for purposes other than order fulfillment. All of our business partners and employees are responsible for respecting the principle of privacy protection.

All payments will be effected in Croatian currency. The charged amount on your credit card account is converted into your local currency according to the exchange rate of credit card associations.

All credit card information is submitted on the protected webpage owned and managed by the WSpay™. Data security is guaranteed by the credit card processor, where complete payment process take place.

All confidential information is transfered in encrypted form using SSL 256-bit enycription, safety is guaranteed by WSpay™ as credit card processor. Authorization and charge of credit card is provided by WSPAY for authorizaion and charge of credit cards in real time.